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onment for the development▓ of trade, economic and investment▓ cooperation.CONSOLIDATE GOOD-NEIGHBORLINESSThe state visits to Kyrgyzs

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close friendship between the heads of state and the high level of China's ties with the two ▓neighboring countries.In their t▓alks,

Xi and his Kyrgyz counter▓part, Sooronbay Jeenbe

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kov, agreed to lift their countries' comprehensive strategic partnership to new heights.Noting that jointly building the Belt and Ro

ad has become the focus of ▓China-Kyrgyzstan coop

eration, Xi called on the two countries to deepen the align▓ment of their development strategi▓es, tap new potential of their partnership and explore new space of cooperation.Jeenbekov awar▓ded Xi the Manas Order of the First Degree, the highest

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national prize of▓ Kyrgyzstan, saying that he appreciates Xi's ▓special contributions to the deve▓lopment of bilateral ties.In T▓ajikistan, Xi and his Tajik counterpart▓, Emomali Rah

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mon, reached a consensus on further deepening the two countries' comp▓rehensive strategic partnership for common development and prosperity.They agreed t▓o commit their countries to

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developing an a▓ll-weather friendship, and promote the building of▓ a community with a shared future for mankind.Xi received the Order of the Crown▓, Tajikistan's highest decoration,